5 Extremely Effective tips for healthy hair


Hair is a part of a person’s personality. It is the most important part of the body as it requires the most care. Hair experts are of the view that the healthiest people are those who take care of their hair. It is important that we take care that our hair is not affected by any harmful disease such as dandruff and hair loss. Following are five tips for healthy hair which will help you getting the best results for your hair without a lot of effort.

  1. Drink lots of Water


Drinking an appropriate amount of water daily is a good routine. However, taking water for the sake of getting healthy hair is a good idea too. Water is as important for the other parts of the body as it is for the hair. Water helps regulate the flow of blood in the veins. The more water you drink, the most likely it is that the best amount of blood circulation reaches you head and resultantly nourishes your hair.

  1. Regular Cleaning


A very important tip for healthy hair is that you clean or wash your hair regularly. A clean scalp provides a better breathing space for the hair. Using a good shampoo for cleaning the hair and the scalp are many a times not enough. You should try and use a conditioner too after you shampoo you hair. A conditioner protects the hair from damage and makes it soft. Cleaning your hair regularly but not daily, with help you in maintaining its moisture.

  1. Oil Massage

Oil Massage on Hairs

A hot oil massage once in a while is a good tip for healthy hair. Although, it is an age old tip, but is applicable still for the benefits it provides for the hair. Castor oil, olive oil, sesame seed oil, mustard oil and coconut oil should be a part of your list. These oils provide maximum nourishment to the scalp, hair roots and consequently to the hair. A good oil massage can also take all your stress away and make you relaxed.

  1. Eat Healthy

Eating Healthy for good hairs

For a healthy body, it is important that you take all the necessary actions and eat all those things that are not a hazard for health. Similarly, you need to eat healthy for your hair. Your body health also reflects from your hair. You need to take in fruits, vegetables, milk, meat and eggs not only for nourishing your body, but also your hair. Moreover, eat dry fruits as they carry essential oils in them which are good for growing healthy hair.

  1. Apply Hair Masks


Hair masks are an essential tip for healthy hair. Hair masks are easy to make as they do not require something that is extraordinary or difficult to obtain. One of the most effective hair masks is the one which is made from eggs. This hair mask is good for fighting with the dandruff that damages hair growth. Another hair mask consists of two tablespoons of avocado oil and a cup of mayonnaise. This hair mask acts as a conditioner and nourishes the hair for a healthy growth.

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