How can dengue fever be prevented? Signs, Symptoms and dengue fever prevention tips


Dengue fever has become a nuisance for the people of the world. Even though, dengue fever is not contagious, still many people get affected by it. Many people die every year because of the disease. Due to lack of medication or medical facilities, many people do not get the appropriate treatment and face death. Moreover, the threat of dengue fever and its effects increases every year. Medical experts from all over the world are trying to develop a permanent cure for the disease. However, it will still take time.


The symptoms of dengue appear as early as the dengue mosquito bites its victim. The victim of dengue suffers from high fever, pain throughout the body and rashes on the skin. The victim has to stay in a restless state when affected by the disease. Although, many people recover from the disease and come back to a normal life, it is important to try to prevent the disease as much as one can.

People who live in tropical areas become the victim of dengue fever easily. This is because after rainy seasons, water gathers in these areas where the earth is hollow. The mosquitoes start laying their eggs in the gathered water. After the mosquito larva grows, it develops into a dangerous species as it absorbs the poison from the settled water.


One of the most important dengue fever prevention tips is that the people who live in such areas take care that rain water does not remain standing for long. They should make sure that all excess water is taken away from the grounds, parks and streets so that the mosquitoes do not find space for laying their eggs. Moreover, people should take care that they empty the garbage bins, old tires, and flower pots of water which they keep at their backyards. Another dengue fever prevention tip is that people spray their flower pots and plantation areas with the right anti-mosquito medicines to prevent the growth of dengue mosquito in their own homes. The best anti-mosquito sprays in this regard are the ones which contain DEET in them.

For the best dengue prevention, people should wear proper clothes during and after rainy seasons. In tropical areas, people tend to get exposed to diseases and insects which can become hazards for their health. To prevent themselves from getting into trouble, people should become extra careful of their clothing during rainy days. They should wear full sleeves shirts. Men should avoid wearing shorts while going out in rainy days.

One more dengue fever prevention tip requires people to avoid going outdoors when there are more chances that they may get exposed to the dengue mosquitoes. It is good that people avoid going outside their houses before the sun has set, at dusk and at early evening. These are the timings when the mosquitoes come out the most from their dwellings. Moreover, at these times, people can easily be bitten by them as the mosquitoes are fresh to attack.

By taking these precautionary measures, people can stay safe from dengue easily.

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