Fitbit surge Fitness superwatch review

Fitbit Surge Photo
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Fitbit Surge is arguably one of the best fitness trackers available in market in these days. Fitbit surge will helps in monitoring heart rate 24/7. It will be helpful in monitoring incredible actions happening within you alongwith your fitness activity. The selection of Fitbit Surge as best fitness tracker is based on what are the daily needs of an individual. Some may seek the all day monitoring and good sleep counting. Others may look for GPS for running. Good news for all such seekers is that there is something out for them.

Firbit Surge Smart Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Surge Photo
Photo Credit : CNet

Fitbit Surge has a lot of amazing features. Connection of Fitbit Surge with GPS helps a person in tracking the routes. The pace and duration can be seen like run stats on the screen. Fitbit Surge also helps in tracking the heart rate. Moreover, helps the user in knowing the condition of his heart. Moreover It is rain and sweat proof but not swimproof. Taking off the watch before having bath can be suitable for skin.

Fitbit Surge is extremely flexible to wear and can be connected wirelessly. It connects automatically with IOS. For android and windows devices connection it requires Bluetooth. While syncing with computer it may require USB and internet connection. Moreover, for mobile phone devices, it requires internet and Bluetooth connection. The range of approach is 20 feet. It has very good Battery timing, Once charged can  last up to 7 days.

In Fitbit Surge Watch, Notifications about calls and messages could be seen on the screen. User can control the songs from mobile playlist. It is arguably the  best activity tracker. It monitors all day activities e.g. track steps; calories burned and distance covered.  Fitbit Surge has smart track system which tracks run rides and other workouts with multi-sport mode.

Fitbit Surge App

As Fitbit Surge is the best activity tracker. It helps the people working at a gym or track while running. Due to its sports-orientedfeatures, it is also helpful for players. It also has song shuffle system in which one can easily change the songs on his phone. Surge is useful in measuring the duration and quality of the sleep.Thus it help us in having check and balance of our health.
   Pros    Cons
  • Extremely Good Activity and Sleep Tracker
  • GPS Support
  • Heart monitoring feature
  • Excellent Battery timing
  • Water Resistant
  • The shape of the surge is slightly bulky.
  • It is pretty expensive
  • Its design is suitable for casual wearing while exercise and gym.

As the review shows, the FitbitSurge is the best sleep and activity tracker. It is famous due to its tremendous features. Due to technology within surge, it is helpful in keeping a person on right track while exercising. It is the super watch that will help you in exercise for sometime but it has long lasting effects. People from different disciplines of life recommend surge for various purposes. You must buy it for its endless features.

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